Saturday, January 17, 2015

3 important qualities that every employer looks for

In today economy, finding a job in a very competitive job market can be tough, so I thought I'd list three important traits that every employer looks for when they need to fill a job:

1. Having style
2. Having flair.
3. Being there.

With these three critical traits, you can easily become...The Nanny.

Apparently not knowing CPR and first aid, not a deal breaker when taking care of children. Did Sheffield or Niles even do a background check on Fran before putting three kids in her care?

I'm going to enjoy it if this post someone attracts people looking for job tips. The only ones I have is to stay in school, then go to college and major in something that will actually be financially useful in your life, like STEM, law, medicine, or finance or something. Get yourself set up and stable, then go back for that degree in art, literature, or whatever. I'm not knocking your degrees, but art history probably isn't going to feed, clothe, or house you like an engineering degree can.

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