Thursday, January 15, 2015

IBM System/370 Mainframe

"Monolithic integrated circuits, microscopic in size, that perform logical and arithmetic operations at speeds measured in nanoseconds."
"Main core memories having capacities up to 2-million bytes for the Model 155 and 3-million for the Model 165."
"Monolithic buffer storage that holds data and instructions ready before they are actually needed, streaming them into the central processing unit on demand at nanosecond speeds."
"The ability to handle up to 15 different program tasks simultaneously…"

-- IBM.
(via Forbes/David M. Ewalt)
"To illustrate System/370 performance and economy, Mr. Rodgers noted that the new Model 165 operates up to five times faster internally than System/360 Model 65. Yet the user's equipment cost to achieve the increased performance level is relatively modest in comparison with the gain in processing capability. The Model 155 has up to four times the internal operating speed of System/360 Model 50."
"Users also can increase system throughput by attaching to System/370 the new IBM 3330 disk storage and the IBM 3211 printer.
Designed for large data base applications that require ready and rapid access to vast amounts of information, the 3330 combines high operating speed with the flexibility of virtually unlimited storage on removable, direct access magnetic disks. It has three-and-a-half times more on-line storage capacity - - up to 800-million bytes (more than 1.5-billion decimal digits) - - than other IBM disk storage facilities and has an average access time of only 30-thousandths of a second.
In addition to the 3330, System/370 users can take advantage of the very fast storage available with the recently announced IBM 2305 fixed head storage facility. This device previously was offered only with IBM's most powerful computers, System/360 Models 85 and 195. It is designed to provide direct access to data the central processor uses repeatedly, such as control programs and working files. The average access time of the faster of two models is only 2.5 thousandths of a second."
As cool as computers and gadgets look today, there's just something about computers of the days of yore. I mean, yeah, this thing was probably about as powerful as a first gen iPhone, but it looks as cool as anything. The whole thing, with the buttons and colors has a very Star Trek feel to it. The wand thing in the foreground there is interesting too.

I want a sweater like that too.

h/t scientificsatellite.

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