Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Ouch, Taskmaster, that's harsh

From Ant-Man Volume 2 #3 (Spencer/Rosanas).

So this entire time Scott Lang has had some kind of one-sided arch-rivalry with a guy who wasn't even aware of it? Hopefully Scott won't spend the rest of his day listening to Taylor Swift songs and moping. Scott does get back at him with a nice zinger about the rather incoherent theme of Taskmaster's costume.

I actually like Taskmaster's costume, but yeah, the skull mask is an odd choice. I mean, it looks cool as hell, but why a skull and one so realistic? Back in the aughts, UDON redesigned the costume to make it look more realistic and it was pretty cool.

Certainly more realistic than the pirate-themed one. His regular costume edges the UDON one out as my favorite, though.

Ant-Man #3 pictures via darkermydesire.

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