Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Things are progressing on the third Arrowverse TV show: more casting, possible title, and episode run

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Man, oh man, the details for that new show is just coming out of the woodwork. First, two more characters have been revealed: Hawkgirl and Rip Hunter! Ciara Renée will be playing the most recent incarnation of Hawkgirl, Kendra Saunders, while Doctor Who alumni Arthur Darvill will be playing time traveler Rip Hunter. Yeah, Rory just can't escape time travel. I just wonder how many (if any) Doctor Who references the writers are going to toss in. There's gotta be at least one or two. I wonder which version of Saunders they're going to use though: the original or the New 52 version.

Personally, I'm hoping for the latter.
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So far, this is the cast list:

Brandon Routh - Atom
Wentworth Miller - Captain Cold
Caity Lotz - ?
Dominic Purcell - Heatwave
Ciara Renée - Hawkgirl
Victor Garba - Martin Stein/Firestorm
Arthur Darvill - Rip Hunter

Notably absent is Robbie Amell, who plays Ronnie Raymond, the other half of Firestorm. According to Greg Berlanti, there's a reason why Amell wasn't in the casting in the announcement for the show, but he "can't say why". Curious. Maybe Robbie Amell doesn't want to be tied down to a TV show and might have more of a recurring role? Or maybe they're going to replace Ronnie as the second half of the Firestorm matrix? After all, Jason Rusch exists in the Arrowverse, having appeared in The Flash episode "The Revenge of the Rogues", played by Luc Roderique.

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Title-wise, ComicsAlliance is reporting that "Legends" is the working title. It works in the context that in Rip Hunter's time, the team and its members are considered legends. The only problem is that TNT already has a show called Legends. No idea what else to call it, since Warner Bros and DC probably want to avoid using Justice League before they finally get around to making a JL movie.

Could always call it Super Buddies. Yeah!

Whatever it's called, the show is getting a 13 episode run, according to original Flash, John Wesley Shipp. Regardless of what it's called, which Firestorm they use, or how many episodes the first season gets, I'm totally hyped for this show!

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