Thursday, January 5, 2017

Yogurt out of here

I bought two packs of some sort of cappuccino flavored yogurt drink at the grocery store on Tuesday. I've never been a fan of yogurt, but my mom wanted it (for context, I live with my parents as a caregiver/helper due to their health) so we got it. I didn't try one until yesterday and what follows is the exact sequence of events:

1. Grabs a bottle from the fridge and heads back to my bedroom.
2. Opens bottle and takes a drink.
3. Pause, then walks back down stairs.
4. Hands bottle to mom since she loves the stuff.
5. Leaves and joins the Trappist monks so that I may atone for my horrific decision to try it.

I don't like yogurt because of the taste. It doesn't matter what the flavor is, yogurt has a taste to it that I just cannot stand. Bad enough I have some of it sitting in my belly right now.

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