Saturday, March 16, 2019

Not dead, just reading (or trying to)

Wow, this blog really dropped by the wayside didn't it? Entirely unintended. Unfortunately, a lot of real world stuff happened and I had to focus on all of that. I aim to post here still, so this blog is not dead yet. The main obstacle now is that I fear that I might have fallen into a slump. Three months into 2019 and I've only managed to read *checks* two books so far. January and February are typically some of my most productive months but alas, not this year. It isn't as though I'm not reading so much as nothing is really sticking. I'll pick up a book and get dozens of pages into it because my interest falters and I give up.

I'm not too terribly worried because a slump was bound to happen sooner or later and I'd much rather the former than the latter so that I can get past it and back to reading.

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