Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I believe in the Law of Weird Alvolution

Credit: Miranda Dressler.
What makes Weird Alvolution a scientific law, as opposed to a scientific theory like evolution? Because the former has been an observable process. The latter is still a theory because unfortunately, evolution is such a long, slow process, it hasn't been observed happening. Certainly, we have evidence of it happening, but we haven't seen it happening. Fortunately, we've seen Weird Al Yankovic change and adapt over the decades, so it qualifies as a law.

Anywho, this awesome picture was done by Miranda Dressler, an artist who will be taking part in a comedy themed show in Los Angeles called Is This Thing On?. Bonus win: Weird Al himself will be doing the hosting duties for the show's opening night. Check out her blog and her other awesome art.

(h/t Popped Culture)

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