Monday, December 31, 2012

Batman has 99 problems, but being in the upper 1% tax bracket isn't one of them

Credit: Nothing is Linear.
He probably just walked into the Hall of Justice wearing that sparkly cape, a skip in his step.

Superman: "Wow, Bruce, that's a...that's a nice cape you got there."
Batman: "Haha, yeah, I just bought it today. It's got diamonds sewn right into it, woo!"
Wonder Woman: "Uh...why are you so upbeat Bruce? We've never seen you this happy before."
Aquaman: "Yeah, and it's kind of freaking us the hell out."
Batman: "I just got back from my CPA and I'm even richer than fuck now! Haha! Who wants their own island? Fuck it, I'm buying a country."

He then throws his arms into the air, shouts "Batman out!" and skips away. Later that night, the rest of the JLA are at home, watching TV when they see a news bulletin about Bruce Wayne buying a country.

h/t roastbeefguy.

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