Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A very Bond-iful harvest

The local library had a book sale last Saturday and I came away with a dozen or so James Bond novels. Most were John Gardner's, but three or so were Ian Fleming's and one was Christopher Woods' adaption of Moonraker, which I only picked up because I didn't know it was a novelization of the movie.

  • Licensed Renewed
  • For Special Services
  • Role of Honour
  • Nobody Lives for Ever
  • No Deals, Mr. Bond
  • License to Kill (novelization of the book)
  • Brokenclaw
I had the chance to get Scorpius, but didn't because I didn't know it was a Bond book. Add these with Icebreaker, and that means I have nine out of his sixteen books.

  • For Your Eyes Only
  • The Man with the Golden Gun
Now I just need to finish out the Gardners and Flemings, and get my hands on Kingsley Amis's Colonel Sun.

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