Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Craig Ferguson is leaving The Late Late Show

And there's another show that I should have watched, but never did. Bits and pieces, yes, but never an entire episode. What I did see was pretty funny, but I could never get myself into the late night talk show mood. I wonder if his leaving has anything to do with Stephen Colbert replacing David Letterman on The Late Show? Supposedly Ferguson had a thing in his contract that said he would succeed Letterman if the latter ever retired. Clearly, that was less than super effective.

Age was probably also a factor. There's an obvious trend in late night to replace the older hosts with younger ones in order to appeal to a younger demographic. Obviously, Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyer, and Stephen Colbert have more appeal to twenty and thirty-somethings than guys pushing in their fifties and sixties. Still, it's a shame because he was really good as a talk show host. The fact that he's moving on to host a syndicated game show is just terrible. My two cents, he should do an internet talk show on YouTube. I'd watch it.

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