Monday, April 14, 2014

What I'm watching/not watching

Inspired by this post.

Mondays: Monday Night Raw. I can't stay away from wrestling, Daniel Bryan, The Shield, and Bray Wyatt are simply irresistible. Raw is three hours long, so that doesn't leave room for anything else.
Tuesdays: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., followed by Supernatural.
Wednesdays: Arrow. Pretty bare, I know, but I haven't found anything else to tempt me on that night.
Thursdays: Nothing. I used to watch The Big Bang Theory and TNA Wrestling, but I've lost interest in the former and the latter is crap. I've given Community and Parks & Rec tries and enjoyed them a lot, but for whatever reason, I just haven't gotten into them. I might shotgun some episodes over the weekend, though.
Fridays: You guessed it - nothing. Sometimes I watch Friday Night Smackdown, but not often. I tried to pick Continuum up again, but I just wasn't feeling it last week.
Saturdays: Nothing, unless Doctor Who is on. Orphan Black is on the schedule as soon as it returns.
Sunday:  Mad Men is back, so there's that. I need to get back into watching Bob's Burgers.

Not watching
Game of Thrones: Because I'm not a Lannister and can't afford HBO.
The Walking Dead: I'm just not into zombies.
The Big Bang Theory: I'm not part of the backlash the show is experiencing on the internet (specifically, Tumblr). I decided to start watching the show on CBS's website, but got behind, then just gave up.
Everything else on CBS: Their cop shows like NCIS and Criminal Minds are bland.
Almost Human: Schedule conflict with Raw. Plus, it's on Fox and we all know their track record with scifi shows.

Edit: Opps, forgot to link to the post that inspired this one.

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