Thursday, April 7, 2016

Here's an infographic of the many actors who have played famous superheroes

Found this on Mental Floss and thought it was worth posting here. It's not a comprehensive list of all superheroes and their portrayers and as Mental Floss points out, it's imperfect. Oh boy, is it ever. First off, Bill Bixby isn't there along with the other Hulk actors, which considering that he's probably more famous than Eric Bana and Edward Norton at the role, is a true oddity. Speaking of Bana, I'm pretty sure that's not him in the picture, but I could be wrong. There's also the rather humorous way that the pictures of Michael Rosenbaum (who voiced The Flash on the Justice League/Justice League Unlimited cartoon) and Scott Rummell (Aquaman voice actor) got switched around. Other than that, it's a rather informative infograph. I didn't know Channing Tatum voiced Superman in the Lego Movie.

If Blogger shrank the picture, then use the link to MF's article or click here.

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