Friday, April 29, 2016

Recent book hauls

I got a good number of books recently and so I thought I'd show them off.

First up is a nice collection I bought at the library's twice annual sale. Normally, I wait until the bag sale on the weekend before buying any books in bulk, but I also like visiting at the beginning just to see what they have and if there's anything I might want to buy on the spot.

I only paid $7 for the whole lot, which isn't bad at all. I didn't realize until after I got home and checked the Honorverse Wiki that I had almost all of the main Honor Harrington and the spinoff Saganami Island series. I'm missing two for the former and one for the latter. I did feel some guilt for buying so many books by one author and depriving them of money, but then realized that I'm going to have to purchase new copies of all of the paperbacks in that picture because of their poor condition. And that's in addition to the missing books I'm going to buy and all of the other books in the franchise. No, no, David Weber is still going to be making a pretty penny from me in the end. :P

As for The Once and Future King, it replaces the paperback copy that I rather stupidly got rid of in last year's book purge.

So that was just the haul from Wednesday, April 13. The bag sale was on the following Saturday and Sunday, but I only went on Saturday due to the paucity of books to be had.

Unfortunately, the names on the spines of a couple of the books aren't legible. The one underneath The Night Manager in the first picture is a John Le Carre omnibus from Chatham River Press containing the classic The Spy Who Came in from the Cold, A Little Town in Germany, and The Looking Glass War. The green and white book sandwiched between the Trevanian and John Sanford omnibuses is a copy of Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman. I'm actually not much of a poetry reader, but I couldn't pass up a classic. I'm ecstatic that I scored not one, not two, but three Kurt Vonneguts! I've been jonesing to read Slaughterhouse-Five for ages, but strangely the library doesn't have any copies. They have copies of his other books, just not Slaughterhouse-Five.

I was pretty letdown by the aforementioned paucity of books that the library had on sale. Normally they're practically overflowing with books and my usual routine is to fill two tote bags, empty them into a box and then head back in to fill them up again. It's not uncommon for me to end up with well over fifty books and only paying $12[1], then going through them over the months until the next sale and ditching the ones I don't want. This year, they just didn't have that many. I noticed on the Wednesday that there were a lot more people at the sale than what I've normally seen. It's more common for people to wait until the week when books are cheaper, but this year was different. Oh well, there's always the sale in October and I didn't manage to pick up a nice horde in any case.

See anything you like? Let me know down in the comments.

[1]: But sometimes I've paid less because one of the elderly ladies who mans the table keeps thinking that I'm a member of "The Friends of the Library" group because my tote bags have their name on it. I'm not a member, though. I just bought them from the library because I needed them. Oh well, I'm not conflicted over it. Probably should be, but it is what it is.

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