Friday, October 27, 2017

And the cleaning continues...

So last week I got rid of four boxes of books, but that was just a prelude to something bigger, something I (just decided to) call...The Cleaninging.

Which is just an overly dramatic way of saying that I'm clearing out my bedroom closet. Yeah. EXCITING.

Actually, the closet is an odd bird. This house was built back in the '50s by someone who obviously had more manpower than sense when it came to building houses because he put the closet right up against roof. The result is that the back wall and ceiling forms an obtuse angle and makes it impossible to hang clothes in the small room that's supposed to hold them. It's not too big of deal because I've long since found alternatives and the closet is still useful for storage.

Unfortunately, it's filled to the gills with junk and could probably be flagged as a fucking fire hazard, thus, The Cleaninging. The plan is to dump anything I don't want at a thrift store and trash everything that isn't worth donating. I'll end up keeping a few bits and bobs, but I know for a fact that the vast majority of it isn't worth keeping.

After I clear it out, I'm refilling it with boxes of books that I'm keeping but don't have room on my bookcases for, along with other stuff and things because honestly, folks, my bedroom almost looks like an episode of Hoarders because they start cleaning it out and finding the mummified cats. Yikes.

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