Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Amazon Key: Bringing murderers and rapists and their potential victims together

So Amazon announced what might very well be one of the dumbest inventions in the history of mankind: Amazon Key. It's a lock you put on your front door so that anybody with the special key to unlock your door, like say delivery drivers, housekeeping services, murderers, rapists, thieves, dog walkers, etc. What could possibly go wrong? Everything.

This had to be the brain fart brainchild of a guy, right? Because there's just no way in gosh golly hell that a woman would come up with this and be like "yeah, this is a great idea with absolutely no problems whatsoever." And yeah, there's a camera to it, but the last time I checked, cameras don't prevent 100% of crimes from happening and never will.

Another thing is how long until somebody figures out how to hack Key to allow any Tom, Dick and Harry to bypass it and how long until that information spreads across the internet? And that's exactly what's going to happen. Amazon and others might try to deny or downplay the risk, but it's an eventuality that even a myopic non-tech person such as myself can see coming from a mile away.

But in my honest opinion, I think Amazon Key was a failed product before it was even announced. I think it'll putter around for a couple of years before Amazon quietly ditches it. Hopefully we won't have any movies or documentaries about the Amazon Key Murders in the aftermath.

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