Tuesday, October 17, 2017

But what of those who don't like dessert?

I saw a post on HeroPress tonight about a new blog that's stepping in to try and fill the void of cheesecake and whatnot that's been left by Al Bruno's shift away from it and towards his original fiction and such (and I wish Bruno all the luck and success in the world in his endeavors). It got me thinking and ruminating. I really want more than anything to increase my focus on Nerd Trash and it's become more than crystal clear that employing any kind of regimented posting schedule or features is never going to work for the very simple fact that I can't abide by them. What I'm dwelling on is whether or not to broaden things a bit and start posting cheesecake and other risque content?

I'm not talking porn, let's make that abundantly clear right now. Scantily-clad? Yes. Pin-ups? Yup. Nude, but without any of the naughty bits visible? Yeah. Those same bits and bobs in plain view? Nope. I never intended for Nerd Trash to be a PG-esque blog but for the most part, it has been. There have been exceptions, especially when it came to those Jamie Lee Curtis posts, but generally it's been a clean blog.

Now, if I did decide to do this, it wouldn't be as constant as Al Bruno or any likewise bloggers. Women are visually appealing, especially the half-naked variety, but I'm not spending an entire day everyday trawling Google or Tumblr for them.

Really, my goal is to get my head back into the space it was at when I used to post more frequently and posted whatever I felt like. Long posts, short posts, and medium posts. Geeking out and ranting over some BS I've come across.

So what do you think? Should I do it?

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  1. Thanks for the nod to HeroPress.

    The thing I've found about "cheesecake" posts (and mine are primarily actress-focused or cosplay celebrations) is that while they attract traffic, it isn't truly "quality" traffic. By which I mean it doesn't generally translate into comments or higher hits on other posts. Make of this what you will ;-)