Tuesday, October 24, 2017

So anyways, First Blood had the lowest bodycount of any action movie ever

I've always been surprised by that factoid because as violent as the first Rambo movie is, you would expect the death toll to be high. Not Commando high, but still up there. But no, actually, in the entire course of that movie only one person dies and that's when Deputy Dumbass Galt falls to his death from a helicopter while shooting at Rambo.

Rambo claims it's not his fault, but if he hadn't thrown the rock, then the guy wouldn't have died. But then again, if Galt hadn't been shooting at Rambo (in defiance of orders not to), then there wouldn't have been any need for a rock thrown, so really, they're both the blame.

So anyways, only one death. Well, human death. If you include the animals, then the death toll ratchets up a little bit. During the course of the movie, Rambo kills two (or is it three?) dogs, a wild boar, and several rats. Even then, the body count is still remarkably low for an '80s action movie.

I guess the polar opposite of First Blood would have to be like what, John Wick or its sequel? I mean, those movies had people dying every two seconds in some places.

But wait, because it actually gets hilarious if you include non-action movies, in which case The Lion King has a higher body count than First Blood. Amazing.

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