Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fact: Most male comic book artists have not one clue about female anatomy, other than boobs and butts

Guillem March, proud graduate of the Rob Liefeld School of Art.
The human body isn't capable of bending like this. One intrepid Tumblr user by the name of giaaeron, went a step further and illustrated just how impossible it is for a body to achieve that pose:

In the picture above are three figures. Figure 1 is the issue cover. Figure 2 is the closest I could get to duplicating it in Daz3D without breaking the model’s back. Figure 3 is the same exact pose as Figure 2, just from the side. You’ll notice some of the differences: The pose, specifically the relationship of butt to bosom. The right arm placement, which is impossible without dislocating her shoulder. Her head placement can’t be duplicated. If you look at Figure 3, you’l notice that the curve of her back is already incredibly pronounced, even in this truncated pose.
The reason of course is that male comic book artists, with a few exceptions, have little understanding of how the body works, as well as comic book companies that care more about sex appeal than basic anatomy.

Cover via Topless Robot.

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  1. Not only is that pose horrific, but I keep wondering what the heck is up with her tush. It's like she has the world's largest butt plug in there.


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