Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Guillem March actually isn't that bad of an artist

Okay, so remember that post from several days past about that godawful cover of Catwoman #0 with the impossible pose? The truly mindboggling thing about it is that Guillem March, the chap who drew the cover, is a damn good artist. Check out what he drew for the fourth issue of Huntress after the jump.

Guillem March.
If you remember, I called him a graduate of the Rob Liefeld School of Art, and in light of the above picture, I retract that statement and apologize. He's capable of doing art like that, but somehow put out something like this:

Her spine is basically a Twizzler.
(via Topless Robot)
It makes me wonder if it was even his decision. Maybe he popped something else out, but DC rejected it because in their mind - a barren wasteland - it didn't fit the "excessively overdone masturbatory--er, sexually liberated, strong female character" approach, I mean train wreck that they're going for. Or, maybe this is what they wanted from the start and March had no choice in the matter. Either way, I'm now shifting the blame fully in DC's direction.

H/t Jamie Noguchi of Yellow Peril. Also to Nerdlicious for prompting me to finally make this post.

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