Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Ending my boycott of the Arrowverse

It's been about two weeks since I decided to boycott Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow after showrunner Andrew Kreisberg was suspended after being accused of sexual harassment by nineteen people (fifteen women, four men). At the time, I planned on maintaining the one-man boycott until Kreisberg was fired and while that hasn't happened yet, I've decided to end the boycott.

Why? For two reasons. First, various Arrowverse castmembers have both denounced the harassment and come out in support of the victims. Their taking a stance in this will do a lot more in the long run than my dinky little boycott, which was more of a moral stand than anything else. Second, I just don't think Kreisberg is going to return. You just don't get accused of sexual harassment by nearly twenty people and get your job back. You can get elected President of the United States, but not your job showrunning a highly successful TV franchise.

So the boycott is over and now comes the dreadfully hard part: catching up on two weeks worth of episodes! I was already an episode behind on Arrow before this, so I have got to hustle!

One final note before I end this post: Fuck Andrew Kreisberg and every single asshole who sexually harasses and assaults.

Eat shit and die!😃

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