Saturday, December 9, 2017

Captain America and Bucky probably weren't happy with the Dodgers moving

This is based on something I posted on my Tumblr a while back. I had the realization one night that when Steve Rogers became Captain Popsicle and Bucky was turned into Winter Soldier in the MCU, the Dodgers were still playing in Brooklyn. That thought led to another: how would these two Brooklyn kids react to finding out that their baseball team had relocated to Los Angeles while they were gone? I just have this mental image of them going to Dodger games wearing (probably counterfeit) Brooklyn Dodgers caps and jerseys. I like the idea of them being salty about that and the fact that their only New York options are the Yankees and the Mets. I can't picture them rooting for the Yankees, and the Mets didn't exist back then, so they stick with the Dodgers and grouse about it.

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