Monday, June 24, 2019

Just finished (literally) season one of Supernatural

I'm not going to do any deep dives into the season, just share my thoughts on the season as a whole. It was okay. Definitely one of those inaugural seasons that's nowhere close to bad, but doesn't blow your socks off either. Most of the episodes felt like they were just there to fill the 22 episode order, with only some of them moving the main story arc forward, sometimes by inches sometimes by miles. I really like the main story arc with the Winchesters hunting down the Yellow-Eyed Demon that was responsible for so much of their grief and suffering while struggling to deal with the negative effects that were wrought on their family and personal lives. I feel like season one would have been even better as a twelve episode season instead of a 22 episode one.

I might start on season two this week.

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