Tuesday, June 11, 2019

There's an Avengers game coming out and uh, it doesn't look great

First, let's look at this picture.

via The Verge's Twitter.
Wooooooooooooow. I know this isn't tied to the MCU, so obviously the characters aren't going to have the actors' likenesses (which probably saved Square Enix a boatload of money in licensing fees) but good Time Lord, this look like the Avengers didn't feel like assembling (Good Omens just dropped, after all) so they sent their understudies instead. Seriously, Cap looks like my older brother, just with more hair.

On the plus side, Black Widow looks like Terry Farrell and I can't knock that.

Now let's look at the trailer.

So clearly this is a case where you can't base your opinion solely on the former, but have to watch the latter. Guilty as charged. I was fully prepared to condemn this game as crappy cash-in on a popular franchise done on the cheap, so I'm glad I watched the trailer because it does the game more justice than the picture ever will. The character models need some work, that's obvious and hopefully Square will use the money that they saved by not licensing the MCU cast's likenesses, but the game doesn't look as bad as I thought it would be based on just that picture.

Thoughts? Post them in the comments below.

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