Friday, June 17, 2016

I will never not love iMac G3 ads

Remember the late 90s when Steve Jobs returned to Apple and saved his former company from oblivion? I don't because I wasn't into computers, but I do remember when my high school got a bunch of the then hot iMac G3s and iBooks.

It probably sounds dumb nowadays, but the biggest selling point for the iMacs and iBooks back then was their appearance. Keep in mind that up till then, colors for computers were limited to I think beige and black, so having the option of bright, fun colors was a huge deal.

 Too bad that design aesthetic didn't stick around for very long. Apple ditched it pretty quick for white and black color schemes. The rest of the computer and electronic industry isn't much better. Sure, there are laptops that come in different colors, but they're not as vibrant and eye catching as the iMacs and iBooks.

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