Friday, June 17, 2016

Literally every ghost hunting show ever

Ghost hunter: "So we set up a camera to record in this room because it has a strong presence for supernatural activity."
Me: "Sounds reasonable."
Ghost hunter: "We reviewed the footage after several hours and we found solid evidence of an otherworldly presence."
Me: "Wow, really?"
[Ghost hunter plays footage and freeze frames on a single shot]
Ghost hunter: "Alright, see that object right there? [points at something on the TV screen] That's an ecto-plasmic apparition, a ghost!"
Me: "...That's a dust mote, dude."
Ghost hunter: "What? No! That's totally a ghost, man! Incontrovertable proof that there's life after death and that all things supernatural are real."
Me: "Or that it's just a dust mote. That room hasn't been cleaned since the Ford Administration and was dusty as all hell."
Ghost hunter: "..."
Me: "..."
Ghost hunter: "Nope, totally a ghost."
Me: "Ugh..."

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