Sunday, June 19, 2016

I cockblocked myself in a dream last night

Last night I had a sex dream and everything was going great...right up till I woke up. I don't usually remember much or anything of my dreams once I wake up, but occasionally I'll bits if they stand out. What I can remember is was standing on the front porch of my house, about to go inside when this woman walks by. I should mention at this point that we were both naked. I've never been nor will I ever be a nudist, so I have no idea why we were in our birthday suits and not being arrested for it.

Like I said earlier, I don't usually remember much of anything about my dreams, but I do remember this woman more than anything else in it. She's African-American and about my age. Her skin was sort of a middle tone, neither dark or light. Her hair was about shoulder length, corkscrew curly, and the best way I can describe the color was like red clay, but darker. Her body was pretty fit - not muscular, but she obviously took care of herself. She had a very small bust, bordering on being flat-chested. I don't recall whether or not she had any pubic hair either because of bad memory or I simply didn't look down there. I'd say she was my height (around 6'2) or close to it and she had some freckles under his eyes that made her even more stunning. I've never seen this woman or anyone resembling her before in my life, so I have to figure that she's a composite created by my mind using different black women I've seen on TV, the internet, and in real life.

So anyways, she's walking by the house but stops and we get to chatting and flirting. The latter was mostly her because I know less than zilch about flirtation. Somehow this leads to me inviting her up to my bedroom just to hang out and talk. At this point, provided that you're still reading this, you're probably going "Oh sure, talk, mmhmm." but I'm fairly confident that that was the intention for the simple fact that this would fit my personality to a T. I could have a supermodel or my favorite adult actress in this bedroom right now and having sex wouldn't be the first thing on my mind. I'm not saying it wouldn't be like the second thing on my mind, but it certainly wouldn't be at the top.

There's a few oddities at this point that I think are worth noting. First, the bedroom as it appeared in my dream wasn't the same as it is in real life. Whereas mine is longer than it is wide, the dream version was as wide as it was long. The window I open as soon as we walk in was different too. Whereas mine is in the middle of one one in real life, the dream one was situated right at the corner where two of the walls meet. It was narrower too. The other big difference? We were suddenly both clothed. My dreams tend to go through small changes like that for no rhyme or reason.

So like I said, we walk into the bedroom, now with clothes on, and I go and open the window. We're both wearing t-shirts and shorts, but hers are more like the kind that a person might wear if they're out for a run or otherwise exercising. Mine are more casual and what I usually wear during the summer. I also want to say that I might have sat down on the window sill, but I think that's a post-dream inclusion from my mind. She takes a seat on my unmade bed and we do actually hang out and chat just like I said.

So then I go over and sit on the bed beside her, still talking, but now things are starting the change. There's like a unspoken understanding that passes through us that things are going to progress from just talking to something else. We start making out and fumbling and all of the other things I assume happens when you start running the bases. Soon, the bed is even more of a mess than it was before. She's on her back and I'm kneeling between her legs and we're both scrambling to get our clothes off. There's an urgency radiating from both of us as if our lives, our very existence depends on us having sex. A desperate need. Like fire needs oxygen. I have no shame or embarrassment in saying that I've never had sex, so I have no idea if what I'm describing is an actual thing people feel when they want to have sex with each other or not. If it is, then I now totally understand why sex is so popular.

Unfortunately, just as we finish stripping and we're just starting to get to it...I wake up. My dreams start to get absurd just before I wake up and that's what happened here. I's all foggy, but I recall saying something about a hoe (the gardening tool) and Dream Girl snickered and said "hoe". We both did, actually and that's the weird part. We were both standing side by side, still naked, when we both said it, then I walked away and stood across from her. Apparently I went and stood beside her just so we could both snicker and say "hoe". Then I woke up. Like I said, my dreams get absurd right before I wake up.

And that folks, is how I cockblocked myself.

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