Saturday, November 14, 2020

I finished two books on Thursday and it felt good


Even before the pandemic hit, the number of books I was clearing through was on the decline, so as you can imagine, finishing two books one right after the other felt really nice. I finally wrapped up reading Victory Conditions, the fifth and final book in Elizabeth Moon's Vatta's War series. I recommend it if you're interested in military SF that isn't hardcore. The series won't blow your socks off, but you definitely will not have felt like you wasted time reading them. Not long after putting that book down, I grabbed my tablet and decided to read some more of All Systems Red by Martha Wells. I love The Murderbot Diaries, so I've enjoyed re-reading the first book in the series. It wasn't long until I was finishing that one as well. This is another recommendation too. The first four books in the series are novellas, so there's no huge time commitment. At least on the surface there isn't, but I can guarantee you from personal experience that you'll tear through each one in rapid order! The fifth book is a full length novel and the upcoming sixth is another novella.

I have no clue if I'll add any more books to my tally before the end of the year, but I started to realize last year that it doesn't matter how many books I read in a year, so long as I'm reading.

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