Monday, November 2, 2020

My new hobby: journaling [Updated]

Hi, thought I'd talk a bit about my newfound and surprising hobby that I've taken up: journal writing. I say surprising because quite frankly, I don't really stick with hobbies once I start them. It's the same old song and dance that I imagine a lot of people go through where they come upon a hobby, think "Oh wow, I'll try this out!" and then give up after a short while. Going into this, I figured much the same would happen once I started journaling and boy oh boy, was I ever wrong! Instead, it's been well over a month since I started and I'm still going strong. I'll admit that I've missed a day or two where I forgot to write, but aside from that I've been writing entries almost daily.

The genesis of the project was just boredom. I live with my mom and act as her caregiver because of her health and back in September, she had to go into a facility to rehab one of her legs. Well, this left me with some time on my hands. At the same time, I stumbled upon a subreddit on Reddit dedicated to journal writing and more specifically a post where someone had shown off their collection of journals stretching all the way back to like 1985. This fascinated me and so I decided to give it a go myself. The other thing that helped is that a local dollar store was selling these small composition notebooks 2 for a $1, so right there the level of entry was low - if the endeavor had flopped, then all I would be out was a buck and even then, one can always use a notebook for jotting down notes and such.

My first journal.

My first entry was September 19th and the last entry in that particular notebook was November 1st. I'm astounded that I'm still going with a full head of steam.

In terms of what I'm writing, it's pretty much a hodge-podge of different things: what I'm thinking about at the moment, a review of the day's events, current affairs, etc. It's just nice to be able to get my thoughts down on paper and out of my headspace.

Here's journal #2:

Which is lovely inside.

I really like the faint diagrams and equations on the inside covers and end papers.

The months and days that run along the top of each page is a nice alternative to writing them down for each entry. In my first journal, I was including the time for each entry as well, but I haven't decided whether I'll continue on with it in the new one. I'm already two entries in, so probably not?

So, do any of you keep a journal? Ever thought about it? Let me know down in the comments.

[Edited to replace one of the photos with a better one.]

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