Monday, November 9, 2020

I think we could all use a snuggle buddy right now

Via Wikipedia.

Well, not me, because human contact is just not my cup of tea. Fortunately for the people of Belgium, who went into another lockdown, they are not me, and so they are allowed to have a snuggle buddy, as a treat.

But even De Croo’s plea to avoid physical contact has some exceptions. Under the new national measures, people in need of some physical intimacy are entitled to one “knuffelcontact” (literally “cuddle contact”), with people living alone allowed one extra cuddle buddy. Unfortunately for polyamorous “knuffelaars” however, only one cuddle contact is allowed to visit at a time.
If you're in the Netherlands, then things are even better because you can have a "seksbuddy" instead. I don't think we need a universal translator for that word.

Have fun with your snuggle fests, Belgians. Please wrap it before you tap it, Dutch people.

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