Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Off Topic Tuesday #1: Why I don't want the next President to be a Clinton, Trump, or Cruz

I might have to call this week "Inaugural Week" because of all the new stuff I'm starting! So yeah, welcome to the very first edition of Off Topic Tuesday, which will hopefully be a long series. The idea behind Off Topic Tuesdays is that once a week, I pick a topic that's off topic to this blog and talk about it. It might be politics, current events, or whatever else that isn't related to geek or nerddom. The opinions therein might be unpopular, but when is an opinion ever unanimously popular?

Starting us off this week is something that's been bouncing around my head for a couple weeks now. 2016 is probably one of the biggest presidential election years, with three Democrats and more than nine thousand Republicans running for the high office.

That's a lot of assholes.

Out of all of them, the three candidates I absolutely do not want to be president are Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Ted Cruz. Why? Because they clearly only want to win for the sake of winning. They see the Presidency of the United States as nothing more than one of those hard to get achievements that gamers will try to unlock just for the bragging rights. Let me break it down by person:

Clinton: She wants to be the first woman president, period, end of sentence, full stop. For her, the Oval Office is the cherry on the cake, the one indelible way that she'll make her place in the history books as someone besides a First Lady, a Senator, or a Secretary of State. It's dumb too because those three things together will make her stand out because those three positions have never been held by one person before.

I'm also opposed to her because she is the worst type of politician - the kind that shifts and changes their positions to whatever will benefit them. Now, she isn't by far the first or only politician who changes their stripes to suit their needs, but she's probably one of the most blatant. Take her stance on same-sex marriage, for example. She was opposed to it up until it became obvious that it was going to become legal, then she was all about it and tried to act like she always was.

Finally, I don't like the aura of inevitability that surrounds her. It's almost like Clinton and her supporters have this expectation that she's going to win just because she's Hillary Clinton and the presidency is owed to her because of that. I think that's why so few Democrats ran in the primary compared to prior races and why Lincoln Chaffee and Jim Webb dropped out so quickly. That's also why Bernie Sanders' campaign has been so hugely successful, because he isn't part of the Clinton Ascendancy.

Trump: Simply put, he's in it for business reasons. Having "Former President of the United States of America" on his resume would add a lot of prestige and give him additional leverage when making TV and other business deals. I'm sure people figure that all the crap coming out of his mouth is ruining his business opportunities and I'm sure in the short-term they might, but not in the long view of things. He'll end up getting his hosting gig on The Apprentice back once all of his vitriolic comments fade to the background. NBC isn't going to turn down the ratings his return would generate. Then there's all the endorsement deals and the cash he'll make on the speaking circuit. Trump's covered in shit now, but he's going to come out clean as a whistle and richer than he was before.

Cruz: First off, I love how a guy who was born in Canada to American parents is eligible to run for president, but a guy who was born in Hawaii to an American citizen (Obama) "isn't". But no, him being born in Canada isn't my issue with him. Personally, I think the whole "has to be born on American soil" in order to run for president is dumb as dicks and discriminates against a whole chunk of the citizenry.

But like I said, that's not why I don't want Ted Cruz as president. My reason is because he's A). A massive asshole, and B). Has dedicated his life to the singular goal of becoming president. With the former, it's his actions as a Senator. Remember when the Federal government had to shutdown back in 2013? Ted Cruz was responsible for that. Even other Republicans think he's an asshole. In regards to the latter, I'm not spiting him for having ambition. How many of us didn't dream of or imagine being President of the United States when we were young? Wanting to be president isn't the problem, it's the fact that he's laser-focused his life just for that goal. The thought that every decision Ted Cruz has made in his life from the moment he decided that he wanted to be be president has been towards achieving that goal is disturbing to me. Why? Because you can only serve two terms as president and Cruz has dedicated his life for potentially eight years in the Oval Office.

Think about this for a moment. What is this Ted Cruz going to do once those eight years are over? That's even saying that he manages to get elected not once, but twice. What's he going to do if he only gets elected once? What if he doesn't get elected at all? In the end, I think what I feel for Cruz isn't loathing or even disdain, it's pity. Pity because no matter the outcome, he's going to look back on his life one day and realize he squandered it achieving or trying to achieve something that wasn't worth it and that's just so very sad.

In the end, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Ted Cruz fail the realize that being President of the United States of America isn't about the achievement or the prestige. It's about working and striving to make the country a better place than it was before so that current and future generations have something to enjoy and build upon. I'm not and Nerd Trash never will endorse a presidential candidate, but I really and truly hope that we end up with someone who doesn't see the presidency as a trophy and will work hard to make this country a better place for us all, because Zod knows we need someone like that badly.

So, what do you think? Do you agree or disagree? Tell me in the comments below and please, keep things civil.

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