Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Well at least I can finally catch up on Supergirl

Add this to the world of oddities, but trying to watch Supergirl or any TV show on a network's website was a real pain in the ass. For whatever reason, the video players ran like molasses on a cold winter's day, regardless of the browser used. I thought it was just Firefox, but videos on NBC and CBS's websites only ran slightly better on Chrome. YouTube ran fine on either. For the most part. As long as I don't try and full screen the videos, but that's a separate thing. Anyways, I finally tried the CBS app from the Microsoft Store and the videos run perfectly in that. No clue why the video player runs like shit on CBS.com, but runs fine in the app. Just one of those things, I guess.

But hey, like the title says, I can finally catch up on Supergirl. I got behind because I missed the pilot and got too busy in real life to watch it online and things naturally spiraled from there. Same thing happened with Blindspot and more shows than I care to count. Unfortunately, NBC's app is on the MS Store and Google's won't let me download it to my phone or tablet because they're "not compatible" with the app.

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